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ChannelAdvisor Extension
FeedManager License Transfer Request
Hourly Rate for all service requests
ChannelAdvisor Extension


Functionality Brief

Supported Versions

Environment Assumptions

Devgento offers limited support with purchase of this extension
Terms you agree to

  • Support is only available thru our support portal
  • $599.00 USD

    1. Imports inventory data from ChannelAdvisor® to Magento® (one way data transfer)

    2. Synchronizes product stock level from from ChannelAdvisor® to Magento® (keeping ChannelAdvisor as the Master)

    1. ChannelAdvisor API - 2007 to 2014

    2. Magento CE versions 1.5x to 1.8x ONLY

    1. Magento properly installed with no errors or permission issues

    2. Server properly configured and adequately powered

    3. Default Core Code of Magento untouched

    Installation Difficulty level - Moderate

    • Support is offered Monday - Friday

    • Response time is 24-48 hours

    • We will help to install on your server

    • Configuration of your mapping and importing products are NOT included (this is not included because there are no standard data sets on ChannelAdvisor - meaning you like every other client at CA have designed your inventory system on your own (Attributes, image naming, parent, child etc) and they are all different)

    • We have provided a video that will get your basic sku information in Magento and Sync but that's all we can do without custom work

    Server requirements

    1. Running PHP version 5 or higher

    2. SOAP installed (so you can communicated with the ChannelAdvisor API)

    3. IONCUBE - we encrypt one file of our software for licensing - Ion Cube decrypts it for your use.

    4. Be aware of firewall rules blocking your service - your site will be communicating with ChannelAdvisor directly and very often - it could be flagged as bad by the firewall so be aware of how to remedy this if it happens to you.

    Performance Expectations

    • Importing - We have imported 10,000 skus (approximate 4 images per sku, 30 attributes per sku and child skus) the process took 12 min's for data and 25 min's for images

    • Stock Sync - 10,000 SKU stock levels Sync in under 1 min


    We issue a license with your software that allows you to use the software on the domain of your choice. Once we issue this to you we can not reverse it. The license is loaded and decrypted by your server and it out of our control. This is the reason we will not offer a refund under any circumstance. There are no refunds.

    FeedManager License Transfer Request
    $50.00 USD
    If you have purchased FeedManager and changed your IP or Domain name and wish to change your license to the new domain/ip - we will need to issue a new license file. This has a 1 day turn around time and a $50 charge

    This is only for Magento CE 1.4 (will not work for CE 1.5 Or EE 1.10
    Hourly Rate for all service requests
    $65.00 USD
    Hourly Rate for all service requests

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